HHN29 Orlando House Announcement – Nightingales: Blood Pit!

Here’s the latest Halloween Horror Nights 29 house announcement for HHN Orlando:  Nightingales: Blood Pit!

“Nightingales: Blood Pit”

“Nightingales: Blood Pit” is coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2019 at Universal Studios Orlando! HHN29 runs from September 14 through November 2, 2019!

Source: Universal

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Halloween Horror Nights 29 + Flex Plus 1!

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando is back for select event nights from September 6 through November 2, 2019!

“The World’s Premier Halloween Event”

Halloween Horror Nights 29

Universal recently revealed this limited time ticket offer:

Get a second event night free when you buy one night. Come any two Sunday–Friday event nights. Purchase by June 5, 2019. Online only.

Stay tuned for more HHN29 updates! Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando + September 6 – November 2, 2019!