Day 17 – Sideshow’s Online Comic-Con 2019!

Day 17 of Sideshow Collectibles Online Comic-Con 2019 is here! Let’s kick things off with a new contest:

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Kidrobot x Godzilla Vinyl Mini Series!

Fellow Godzilla fans, let’s take a look at the Godzilla Vinyl Mini Series figures by Kidrobot!

Kidrobot x Godzilla Vinyl Mini Series

The Kidrobot x Godzilla Vinyl Mini Series figures come in incredibly designed Blind Boxes! You can collect thirteen different figures based on Godzilla & other Kaiju characters from Godzilla lore throughout the years: Godzilla 1954 Mini Figure (2/24), Godzilla 1985 Mini Figure (2/24), Burning Godzilla Mini Figure (3/24) Godzilla 1995 Mini Figure (3/24), Mechagodzilla Mini Figure (2/24), King Ghidorah Mini Figure (2/24), Mothra Larva Mini Figure (3/24), Rodan Mini Figure (1/24), Shin Godzilla Mini Figure (2/24), Mothra Mini Figure (1/24) and two Mystery Chase Godzilla Figures! Use the Link below to order from Kidrobot:

Super7 Transformers Super Cyborg Megatron SDCC2019 Exclusive!

The clear X-Ray Edition Super Cyborg Megatron Action Figure by Super7 is a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive!

Super Cyborg Megatron

The Transformers Super Cyborg Megatron is a translucent 12″ poseable figure with 7 points of articulation and will be available at San Diego Comic Con Super7 Booth #2543!

The Loyal Subjects Ghostbusters Slimer SDCC2019 Exclusive!

The Loyal Subjects have revealed an awesome new Ghostbusters Exclusive for San Diego Comic Con 2019!

The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls: Ghostbusters Slimer!

The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls: Ghostbusters Slimer Exclusive comes in a window display box.