Transformers TFNY 2019 Reveals!

Our heads are still spinning from all of the great Toy and collectibles revealed last weekend at Toy Fair New York 2019! Here’s a look at some of the new Hasbro Tranfomers available for Pre-Order!

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Hasbro Marvel Legends TFNY 2019 Reveals!

Just revealed by Hasbro at Toy Fair 2019: New Marvel Legends Series figures and vehicles!

#MarvelLegends Vehicles 6-inch Captain America WWII Figure & Vehicle.

First up, this incredible looking Captain America World War II 6” figure with motorcycle – available Fall 2019.

X-Men Hasbro Marvel Legends TFNY 2019!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series X-Men Wave 4 Pre-Orders opened at Toy Fair New York 2019!

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This Wave includes Gambit, Beast, Weapon X Wolverine/Logan, Forge, Blink, Jubilee and Skullbuster. Each figure comes with a Build-A-Figure piece to build Caliban.

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Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Transformer!

They crossed the streams! Two of our favorite 80’s franchises have come together to make one incredible Toy! The iconic Ecto-1 Cadillac from Ghostbusters (1984) is now a Transformer called Ectotron!

Hasbro Toy Fair New York Updates!

Toy Fair New York 2019 is coming up this weekend (2/15-19/2019) and we will do our best to deliver as much news from the event as possible! One of our major resources will be Hasbro! The Toy Company will be in attendance and also provide updates!

Hasbro Toy Fair New York Updates!

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