Pop! Comedians Gabriel Iglesias Mr. Fluffy!

The Pop! Comedians Gabriel Iglesias Mr. Fluffy vinyl figure was meant to release last night as a FluffyGuy.com Exclusive, but didn’t release due to technical difficulties. Funko has now officially announced the Mr. Fluffy Pop! as coming soon:

The First Pop! Comedians vinyl figure!

The Pop! Comedians Gabriel Iglesias Mr. Fluffy is the first Comedians Series Funko Pop! vinyl figure. Stay tuned for updates regarding the new release date.

Conan Returns To SDCC!

Conan O’Brien is returning to San Diego Comic Con!


Conan O’Brien is taking over San Diego Comic Con for the fifth year! Stay tuned for more ConanCon news and make sure to follow @ConanCon on Instagram for Ticket and Funko giveaways!

Here are the Funko Conan O’Brien Exclusive reveals for San Diego Comic Con 2019!

Men In Black X Spider-Man: Far From Home Interview!

The two upcoming Sony Pictures Movies crash together as Men In Black’s Chris Hemsworth interviews Tom Holland from Spider-Man: Far From Home!

Unsuited with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland

Although they both are major players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland actually haven’t shared much screen time together in the MCU, however they did work together on the Film “In the Heart of the Sea”. These two Actors definitely seem to have some comedic chemistry and both of their upcoming movies seem like a lot of fun!

Get tickets to see MIB: International!

Get tickets to see Spider-Man: Far From Home