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The Vision

[xyz-ihs snippet=”Vision-Text-Link”] The [xyz-ihs snippet=”Vision-Text-Link”] first appeared in Marvel Comics Avengers #57 and was created by Roy Thomas, [xyz-ihs snippet=”SS-Stan-Lee-Hot-Toy-Text-Link”] and John Buscema. In the Comics, [xyz-ihs snippet=”Vision-Text-Link”]
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Hawkeye The Marvel Comics character Hawkeye first appeared in Tales of Suspense #57.  Hawkeye was originally a villain, a variation of this concept was in play during the
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The Falcon

Falcon Hot Toy The Falcon is a Marvel superhero first seen in comic books back in 1969. He premiered in the pages of Captain America, and was the
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Ant-Man The addition of Ant-Man to the ensemble cast of Captain America: Civil War was a lot of fun. For starters, his trademark one liners and sarcastic wit
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