Captain Marvel – Goose the Cat Live Stream!

Cat lovers rejoice! Marvel had a Live Stream of epic proportions the other day when they just let Goose the Cat wander around in front of a Green Screen.

I’m actually allergic to cats, so this is about as good as it gets for me, since I can’t get close to them! Despite my allergies, I’m a big fan of Goose and I’m looking forward to the movie.

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Captain Marvel Movie Clips!

Two new Marvel Studios Captain Marvel movie clips are here, courtesy of Fandango Movie Clips! The first is a scene with Carol Danvers and Nick Fury attempting to gain each other’s trust amongst the revelation that anyone of them could be a shape shifting Skrull:


Pop! Marvel Studios 10 Shuri Review!

Tonight is the 91st annual Academy Awards Ceremony and Marvel Studios Black Panther movie has been nominated for several Oscar awards, including Best Picture.

Pop! Marvel Studios 10 Shuri Review!

– image: Marvel

We’re hoping this excellent superhero movie takes home the gold and to celebrate, let’s check out this Exclusive Gold-Chrome Black Panther Shuri collectible!

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Captain Marvel Play TV Spot!

The Marvel Studios Captain Marvel “Play” TV spot gives us a taste of that nineties soundtrack and also some more moments of charming chemistry between Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury and Brie Larson as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel:

“Go higher. Go faster. Go further.”