Captain Marvel Funko Merch!

“Higher. Further. Faster.”

The Captain Marvel Funko merchandise lineup has been revealed!

The next Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie is Captain Marvel! See the trailer here!

Captain Marvel Funko Pop! vinyl figures!

Masked (Chase Figure) and Unmasked Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel Funko Pop! figures:


Funko Pop! Exclusives from FYE, GameStop, Hot Topic, Walmart and Target! Flight Suit Carol Danvers FYE Exclusive, Vers GameStop exclsusive, Unmasked Vers, Carol Danvers jacket Hot Topic Exclusive, Captain Marvel (binary) Walmart exclusive and flying Captain Marvel Target exclusive!

Captain Marvel Target Exclusive

Target Exclusive!

Captain Marvel Walmart Exclusive

Walmart Exclusive!

Captain Marvel Hot Topic Exclusive

Hot Topic Exclusive!

Captain Marvel FYE Exclusive

FYE Exclusive!

Flocked BoxLunch Exclusive!

Supporting Cast!

Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau, Star Commander (Yon-Rogg), Talos (Skrull) and Goose the Cat (BoxLunch Exclusive Flocked) Funko Pop!s!

Pop! Rides Carol Danvers on Motorcycle!

Pop! Pens and Pocket Pop! Keychains!

Masked and Unmasked Captain Marvel and Goose the Cat Pop! Pens! Masked and Unmasked Captain Marvel, Goose the Cat and Unmasked Vers (Kree Suit) BoxLunch Exclusive Pocket Pop! keychains!

Hot Topic & BoxLunch Exclusive!

Funko Shop Exclusive Dorbz!

Limited Edition Vers (Kree Suit), Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel and Goose the Cat Funko Dorbz will be available at the Funko Shop soon!

Collectible Lookout:

Captain Marvel Funko Merch!
You can Pre-Order most of the Captain Marvel Funko Merchandise at Entertainment Earth right now! Use the red button below to shop Captain Marvel Funko:

Note: The Captain Marvel Funko Exclusives will be available at their respective stores, stay tuned for direct Links as they become available!

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