Happy Halloween From Planet Nestor!

The big day is here: It’s Halloween! Let’s take a look at some of the top Halloween-Themed goodies from the 2018 Halloween season.

Here are our top 5 choices!

Number 5: McDonalds Sweepstakes!

Unfortunately, McDonalds didn’t do anything remotely Halloween-y with their Happy Meals this year, but they did come through with a Trick-Or-Treat themed Sweepstakes:

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Number 4: Spooky Empire Exclusive Elvira Funko Pop!

The Orlando based Horror convention Spooky Empire had their annual event at the Caribe Royale resort last weekend. Horror Host Elvira was one of the special guests and the venue promoted a Limited Edition Funko Pop! Vinyl figure exclusive.

Apparently there were all kinds of issues regarding availability and distribution, resulting in a statement by Elvira herself on Social Media: Read The Facebook Post here. It is unfortunate that many guests weren’t able to get the Funko Pop! at the show as planned and now the Exclusive Vinyl Figure is going for ridiculously high prices on eBayElvira Spooky Empire Exclusive Funko Pop! On eBay Regardless of all of the unnecessary drama, the Funko Pop! is pretty awesome and I hope the true Elvira fans will be able to add them to their collection.

Number 3: The Burger King Nightmare King and Scary Black Cherry Frozen Fanta!

Bonus points for the Burger King Halloween Themed Crowns, Cups and wrappers!

Here’s a look at the Burger King Nightmare King:

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Number 2: The Starbucks Witch’s Brew Frappuccino!

Starbucks Witch’s Brew

“A powerful potion. Bewitched, it’s true. One single drop and the curse will go poof. Toad’s breath, swamp fog and goblin regret, divine. A mixture so scrumptious it must be a sign. Sip this sweet potion before it disappears, the Witch’s Brew Frappuccino drink is nothing to fear.”

“Take a sip, lift the curse!”

Starbucks Witches Brew

– Photo Credit: @lifeasclaudia

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Number 1: Halloween Movie 2018!

Horror Icon Michael Myers returned in the new Halloween Movie, which pays homage to the original slasher classic while taking the franchise in an interesting new direction.

Halloween Movie 2018

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Thanks to everyone who has visited our site this Halloween Season! We hope you have enjoyed our Halloween Posts all month long! Hopefully our Posts have been entertaining, helpful or informative.

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Happy Halloween from Planet Nestor!

Have Fun and be Safe if you’re going out Trick-Or-Treating or to a Spooky Halloween Party!

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