FunkO’s Cereals!

Funko has revealed an entire line of Breakfast Cereals: FunkO’s! Each FunkO’s cereal includes a small Funko collectible inside!

“Tasty Treat, Fun To Eat”

Freddy FunkO’s FunkO’s cereal is only available at the Funko Funko Shop!

Freddy FunkOs cereal now available!

Huckleberry Hound FunkO’s cereal will be available only at the Funko Funko Shop sometime soon! Stay tuned:

 Huckleberry hound
Funko Shop – 10% off Entire Purchase

Pennywise and Beetlejuice:

Pennywise & Beetlejuice

Pennywise FunkO’s cereal is a Hot Topic Exclusive!

🎈Pennywise Cereal🎈
🎈Shop Now at!🎈

Beetlejuice FunkO’s cereal is a BoxLunch Exclusive!

Beetlejuice FunkO’s cereal is a BoxLunch Exclusive!
Funko FunkO’s Cereal With Pocket Pop! Beetlejuice Cereal – BoxLunch Exclusive

Batgirl and Batman!

D.C. Comics FunkO’s Cereals at Entertainment Earth:

FunkO’s Cereals!
DC Batgirl & Batman FunkOs cereals!

D.C. Comics Batgirl FunkO’s Cereal!

FunkO’s Cereals!
FunkO’s Batgirl Pop! Cereal – EE Exclusive

D.C. Comics Batman FunkO’s Cereal!

FunkO's Batman Pop! Cereal - Entertainment Earth Exclusive
FunkO’s Batman Pop! Cereal – EE Exclusive

Gollum: The Lord of the Rings FunkO’s Cereal Exclusive to BoxLunch!

Funko FunkO’s Cereal With Pocket Pop! The Lord Of The Rings Gollum Cereal – BoxLunch Exclusive

MegaMan FunkO’s cereal is a GameStop Exclusive!

MegaMan FunkO’s cereal
POP! Cereal: Funko-O’s – Mega Man – Only at GameStop!

Cuphead: Don’t Deal with the Devil is a GameStop Exclusive!

Cuphead don’t deal with the devil
POP! Cereal: Funko-O’s – Cuphead Devil – Only at GameStop!

Cuphead & Mugman FunkO’s cereal is a Hot Topic Exclusive!

 Cuphead and mugman
Funko Cuphead FunkO’s Cereal With Pocket Pop! Inside Hot Topic Exclusive

Cthulhu FunkO’s cereal is a Booksamillion BAM Exclusive! Coming soon:

Cthulhu FunkO’s cereal
Shop and save on Books-A-Million Funko exclusives today!

Jason Voorheees Friday the 13th FunkO’s cereal is a FYE Exclusive!

Jason Voorheees FunkOs cereal
Jason Voorheees FunkOs cereal at

Freddy Krueger A Nightmare On Elm Street Funko’s cereal is a FYE Exclusive!

Freddy Krueger FunkOs cereal
Freddy Krueger FunkOs cereal at

Collectible Lookout:

Each FunkO’s Cereal contains a small Funko collectible inside! Tap or Click on any of the images in this Post to order these Funko cereals!

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