Avengers Assemble!

Avengers: Infinity War recently became available on Digital HD and it is the third of the Marvel Studios MCU Avengers team up movies. Let’s take a nostalgic look back at the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers movies!

Mild Spoilers for all three Avengers movies below:

Avengers (2012)

The end of the first Phase of Marvel Studios Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies ended with this showdown between Loki and the team of misfit heroes that would become the Avengers in order to avenge Agent Phil Coulson’s death. A Post credits scene revealed that Loki had been working for the Mad Titan Thanos.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

The Phase 2 MCU showdown has the Avengers encounter the robot Ultron: a product of their own creation, who sets out to rid the Earth of humans. The Avengers manage to take him out, but not without huge sacrifices and consequences that will begin to splinter the team. Thanos shows up in a Post credits scene, arming himself with the Infinity Gauntlet, sans any Stones.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Thanos sets out to retrieve all six Infinity Stones so that he can arm the Infinity Gauntlet. The full power of the Gauntlet allows him to eliminate half of life in the entire Universe with the snap of his fingers. The Avengers attempt to stop him. A Post credits scene shows Nick Fury sending a distress message to Captain Marvel.

What a journey it has been!

Avengers 3-Movie Collection – Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc.

The as of yet untitled follow up, Avengers 4 is scheduled for release May 3, 2019. Not many details have been revealed other than Thanos will return.

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