Bumblebee Trailer!

Hasbro and Paramount Pictures are taking the Transformers movie franchise in a different direction, they’re taking it back to the 80’s! First up, let’s see the new Poster for Bumblebee:

“Every adventure has a beginning.”

Bumblebee Transformers Movie Poster
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The new teaser trailer for Bumblebee is here!

Bumblebee is back to being a Volkswagen Beetle, like his original Transformers G1 design in the toys and animated series. I was pleasantly surprised to see Bumblebee look more like his G1 version and I also spotted a more G1 looking Starscream in one shot! I would have preferred this to be an actual hard reboot of the franchise, instead of a prequel to the Michael Bay movies, but I have to admit I’m very optimistic about this movie. This will be the first of the Paramount Transformers movies that wasn’t directed by Michael Bay. I’m hoping this shakeup will allow for the franchise to go in a more interesting direction. I must say, I like this trailer and I’m interested in the Transformers movie franchise once again!

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Hasbro and Paramount Pictures Bumblebee is set to roll into theaters around Christmas time this year. Sign up for a Fandango Fan Alert to find out when tickets are available to see Bumblebee!

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