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Deadpool 2 Invades 7-11!

The promotional campaign for the FOX Marvel movie Deadpool 2 is now in full force! Get it? Force… X-Force? Ah, why do I bother? Anyway, I digress. To get to the point, Deadpool took over 7-11 and has left a trail of demented awesomeness.

Deadpool at 7-11
Image: 7-11

We stopped by the closest 7-11 to get in on the action! We found Deadpool themed food items, Deadpool decor (or vandalism, depending on your point of view) and collectible cups and straws. Here’s our 7-11 Deadpool mini-haul: Deadpool 2 collectible cup and straw (1 of 5) with Monster Mutant Red Dawn Slurpee drink and a tasty Deadpool Chimichanga!

Warm up that microwave for the Deadpool Chicken Fajita Chimichanga:

The Deadpool collectible Slurpee straw strikes a pose:


My guy on the scene, Izzy, hanging out with Mr. Pool at 7-11!

See you at the Movies!

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