Planetary Thoughts – Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War!

Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War is Now in theaters! Check out my Spoiler Free and Spoiler Review below!

Planetary Thoughts:

This is a Spoiler Free Planetary Thoughts Review of Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War! If you would like to read my spoilery thoughts on the movie, you can scroll down to our Spoiler zone!

Planetary Thoughts - Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War!

As of this moment, I have only seen Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War once, at the Opening Night Fan Event at Regal Cinemas. If you want my breakdown of the Fan Event, Click below:

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Where to start? There is a lot to unpack after watching Avengers: Infinity War. The scale of this movie is huge and the emotional impact is surprisingly strong. To put it bluntly, if you like any of the MCU heroes, be prepared to see them shine, but also get put through the wringer. The directing team of Anthony and Joe Russo, “The Russo Brothers” and the writing team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely all do a fantastic job together, connecting all the cosmic and down to Earth elements of the MCU and providing us with some great and unlikely character beats. While the scale was colossal as expected, what really impressed me was the tone.

Planetary Thoughts - Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War!

The movie managed to seem very intense, serious and suspenseful, but also extremely hilarious. I noticed that when there was a humorous moment, quip or one liner, they all seemed to work. The comedic timing was impeccable. The entire cast really delivers the goods and it is very hard to pick just one favorite performance outside of Josh Brolin’s truly glorious Motion Capture performance as Thanos. If you’re familiar with the Russo Brothers previous MCU work, then you know they have an eye for action and when the action hits, it hits hard. This is a popcorn movie that has consequences and real raw emotion. For fans that have been following the MCU for the last ten years, this is an incredible payoff, but also a thrilling new beginning to a new chapter of the MCU.

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Spoiler Review Below!

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For as long as I can remember, I have heard people say “Someone should make a movie where the bad guy wins” and I’ve always rolled my eyes. I never felt like that’s something I wanted to see. I know that we all love to hate a really nasty bad guy, but we ultimately love watching the hero defeat said bad guy even more, right? Avengers: Infinity War pulls off a trick that I didn’t don’t has ever happened in popular cinema: The Bad Guy wins. Heck, there’s even a moment where a character says “Did we just lose?” Yes, they did. Now, I have already seen the comparisons to Empire Strikes Back, but in that case, the movie ended on a down note, but the heroes only lost the battle, they didn’t lose the war. The Avengers, as of now, have lost the war. Anyone who has read the Infinity Gauntlet comic book storyline expects to see Thanos’ actions undone, but it doesn’t happen here. No matter what happens in the next Avengers installment, Marvel Studios can proudly say that they made a movie where that villain was the main character and he defeated the heroes.

Planetary Thoughts - Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War!

Did I enjoy the movie? Absolutely. It could be my favorite MCU movie on the simple basis of just how bold the storytelling was. They had everything going against them: too many characters, a CGI baddie and a long running time! They managed to make all of that work. I’m still trying to understand how the most serious and tense MCU movie was also the funniest. Unlike some previous MCU films where the comic relief can be hit-or-miss, every comedic moment in Infinity War landed for me. The movie exceeded my expectations and was riveting and thought-provoking.

Planetary Thoughts - Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War!

The movie isn’t without flaws, but even those are mildly forgivable. The CGI for Thanos and his subordinate, Ebony Maw is almost flawless, however there are moments where Proximia Midnight looks a little too “rubbery”. It’s a shame because her design in amazing and  I think her performance was good, but the Mo-Cap just didn’t live up to what we saw with Thanos. Another mild flaw that took me out of the movie for a moment was Scarlet Witch’s magical disappearing Sokovian accent. This is a minor gripe, because her performance was fantastic and they really used her well, but it seemed odd that the suddenly lost her accent. These flaws are such minor nitpicks, that ultimately don’t bring down the greatness of this movie. I really do feel that Josh Brolin’s performance as Thanos is award worthy and the effects team deserve accolades for creating the best looking CGI character to ever grace the screen.

Planetary Thoughts - Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War!

The aftermath of seeing Avengers: Infinity War for me is equal parts obsessing over they key developments of the movie, processing Thanos performance and motivations and also having the song “The RubberBand Man” by the Spinners stuck in my head all weekend.

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