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Red Stormtrooper Target Exclusive Funko Pop! Un-Boxing Picture Review!

The Target Exclusive Red Stormtrooper Star Wars Funko Pop! Un-Boxing Picture Review!

“Let me see your identification.”

The Target Exclusive Red Stormtrooper Star Wars Funko Pop! comes in a window display box numbered 05 and features a “Only at Target” sticker.

“Someone *was* in the pod. The tracks go off in this direction.”

Here is the Star Wars Red Stormtrooper Funko Pop! out of the box!

“Look, sir: Droids.”

The Emperor’s Royal Guard Red Stormtrooper Armor is much like the regular Stormtrooper armor, but with the distinctive crimson red Royal Guard color.

Collectible Lookout:

If you want to add this Red Stormtrooper to your Star Wars Funko Pop! collection, just use the red button below to order!

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*Note: This is a Target Red Card Exclusive, so you will need to have a Target Red Card to order this exclusive Pop!

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