Cosmo the Space Dog Marvel Specialty Series Funko Dorbz Review!

Marvel’s telepathic Space Dog with an attitude goes Dorbz style thanks to the Funko Specialty Series! Let’s take a look at Cosmo!

Marvel Funko Cosmo Dorbz

“That does it. That enough. No more Mr. Nice Dog. Now Cosmo will hurt everyone.”

This Cosmo Specialty Series Dorbz comes in a window display box numbered 204 and is part of the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy line. The lower left portion of the box has a wonderful “Funko Specialty Series” sticker.

“Cosmo apologize for unprofessional conduct.”

Here is the Specialty Series Cosmo the Space Dog out of the box. This Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy character is depicted in the cute Funko Dorbz style.

“…And you are pain in backside with your Zappy Tricks!”

Cosmo the Space Dog has a clear space helmet and an adorable smile.

Cosmo the Space Dog Marvel Specialty Series Funko Dorbz Review!

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