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Hulk Funko Marvel Collector Corps Box Review!

Let’s review the Funko Marvel Collector Corps Box for the Hulk!

“Is he man or monster... or is he both?”

“Is he man or monster… or is he both?”

As the next Marvel Collector Corps box approaches, let’s take a quick look at the items found in the last box, the Hulk!

Hulk Funko Marvel Collector Corps Box!

“Fantasy as you like it!”

Hulk Funko Marvel Collector Corps Box!

“Based on the Hulk 1st appearance!”

The Hulk & Bruce Banner Funko Pop! set comes in a window display box numbered 284 and has the Exclusive Marvel Collector Corps sticker in the lower right portion of the window.

The Incredible Hulk!

The Hulk Funko Pop! is modeled after the very first appearance of the Hulk, which was actually grey instead of green.

Doctor Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is here in his purple pants and white lab coat as he first appeared in The Incredible Hulk number one comic book.

“The strangest man of all time!!”

This is a great Funko Pop! set if you’re a Hulk fan or if you just enjoy the classic first appearance look of Banner and Hulk.

More Hulk Goodies!

A Marvel Tee, Pop! Keychain, Collector Corps Patch and a Dorbz stress ball!

Collectible Lookout:

You can subscribe to the Funko Marvel Collector Corps box by visiting Funko online!

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