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Nakia Black Panther Funko Pop! Un-Boxing Review!

Marvel Studios Black Panther is coming to theaters next week! The latest Black Panther Funko Pop! I have added to my collection is the Nakia Pop! Nakia is a Wakandan spy featured in the Black Panther movie. Join us as we Un-Box and Review this wonderful Funko Bobble-Head!

Nakia Black Panther Funko Pop! Un-Boxing Review!

“Only YOU can decide what kind of king you want to be.“

The Nakia Funko Pop! comes in a Marvel Black Panther window display box numbered 277.

“It’s now or never.”

Let’s take a look at the Nakia Black Panther Funko Pop! out of the box:

“I got into a disagreement – Made a bit of a mess.”

The Black Panther Nakia Funko Pop! is a simple, yet elegant Pop! figure. The main feature that stands out is her dress, which is nicely designed and sculpted. The dark lime green color with golden trim really has a smooth look. This figure comes with a clear plastic stand to display out of box and unfortunately this particular figure’s leg is a little warped, so I’m having a little trouble with the standing. On the plus side, that’s not a deal breaker as I am keeping this figure in the box for display along with the rest of the Black Panther set.

Collectible Lookout:

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