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Juggernaut Marvel X-Men Walgreens Exclusive Funko Pop! Un-Boxing Review!

Cain Marko aka Juggernaut is a Marvel Comics character who first appeared in X-Men number 12. Juggernaut is X-Men leader Charles Xavier aka Professor X’s step-brother. Juggernaut is in fact, not a Mutant, but he does have superpowers gained from contact with a mystical gem.

Funko POP! Marvel: X-men - Juggernaut

“Once my name was Cain Marko! But now I am more — Now I am — The Juggernaut!”

Now that you’ve got to know him a little bit, let’s Un-Box and Review this Exclusive Funko Pop! Here is the Walgreens Exclusive Funko Pop! box with the X-Men branding. The Juggernaut is tucked away inside of the window display box and the box is numbered 196.

“Nice Punch. Cute Suit. You the local good guy?“

Here is the Juggernaut Marvel X-Men Walgreens Exclusive Funko Pop! out of the box:

“I’m the Juggernaut! Ain’t nothin’ — ain’t nobody — can beat me!”

The Juggernaut Funko Pop! definitely captures the essence of this Marvel X-Men villain. At first I was hoping The Juggernaut would be a six inch super-sized Pop!, but this 3 & 3/4 version is sturdy and powerful looking. The key feature for me is the helmet, as it is a Bobble-Head, but it till has some weight to it. The Juggernaut Pop! figure is posed in a battle ready stance with his fists clenched, you can imagine he’s about to run through a wall anytime now!

Collectible Lookout:

If you’re looking to add this Marvel X-Men Funko Pop! to your collection, the Juggernaut Pop! is a Walgreens Exclusive and is only available through them. Use the button below to go to Walgreens, where you can order one for yourself:

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