Planetary Thoughts: Star Wars The Last Jedi!

This weekend, Star Wars The Last Jedi hit theaters and we were fortunate to have been able to attend the Regal Cinemas Star Wars The Last Jedi Opening Night Fan Event! If you haven’t had a chance to participate in an Opening Night Fan Event for a movie, you really need to give it a try! The last time we went to an Opening Night Fan Event was for Thor Ragnarok, and you can read about that here. We will of course get to my thoughts on Star Wars The Last Jedi, but first let’s take a look at the collectibles we received by attending the Fan Event.

Star Wars The Last Jedi collector’s cup with topper:

44 oz collectible cup with Rey topper:

The Rey topper is one of five Star Wars The Last Jedi collectible toppers! BB-8, Chewbacca (with Porg), First Order Executioner Trooper and Praetorian Guard are also available.

There are also three different Star Wars The Last Jedi collectible Tin Popcorn Buckets. We got the one that featured the First Order.

Collectible Trading Cards:

My son and I each received a 3 pack of Star Wars The Last Jedi jumbo collector trading cards. The cards have the Light side on one side and Dark side on the other.

Bonus Content:

As part of the Regal Cinemas Star Wars The Last Jedi Opening Night Fan Event, we were treated to some special content before the movie: a Behind The Scenes segment featuring Composer John Williams. I definitely enjoyed the bonus content and it was cool to get a look at John Williams’s creative process.

Planetary Thoughts : Star Wars The Last Jedi Review

Spoiler Alert! The following review may contain mild or minor spoilers for Star Wars The Last Jedi.

As we approach its second weekend in theaters, Disney Lucasfilm’s Star Wars The Last Jedi has been a topic of discussion for many casual and hardcore fans of the Skywalker saga. The movie is doing well in the box office and the critics have praised it, however many fans are divided on how they feel about the events that took place. Things have gotten pretty heated with the Star Wars fanbase and it makes you wonder if this is by design.

What Star Wars means to me:

Throughout my 41 years of living, my first solid memory or recollection was the moment Imperial Stormtroopers shot their way through the blast doors of the Rebel Blockade Runner and a dark mysterious figure in all black stepped out from the smoke. I saw this moment on a Drive-In Movie screen from my car seat in my father’s 1965 convertible. I would later come to understand that ominous figure was Darth Vader and that the first movie I ever saw was Star Wars during its theatrical run in 1977. The reason that I share this memory with you is to express that I have essentially grown up with Star Wars on the brain.

I’m sure by now you haven taken in many Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts dedicated to everything everyone hates about the new Star Wars movie, well I’m not here to do that!

Here are 8 things I love about the new Star Wars:


It’s a new Star Wars! Speaking from as someone who endured the Star Wars drought between the Original Saga and the Prequels, I’m simply glad we’re getting new Star Wars movies every year. The Skywalker saga will come to a close with Episode 9, Solo comes out next year and we will be getting a new trilogy from Rian Johnson soon. We are getting spoiled with Star Wars and I think that’s a good thing.

– Image from Star


The nostalgia! Many praised or criticized The Force Awakens for leaning heavily on Star Wars nostalgia, but I actually feel like the few nostalgic moments in The Last Jedi hit me in the feels a lot harder. Can’t beat seeing Yoda return as a Force ghost or R2-D2 playing back the now-classic “Help me Obi-Wan…” message. Also worth noting John Williams’ score incorporated many classic themes from the past films.

– Image from Star


The representation! It’s no secret that Disney and Lucasfilm are making efforts to be more inclusive with the actors in the Star Wars Universe. We are seeing more Women and Minorities getting the chance to grace the screen as Star Wars heroes or villains. As a Latino man, I am full of joy seeing Oscar Isaac and Benicio Del Toro performing as their characters in this movie. I was also happy to see Asian American representation with the characters Rose and Paige Tico who were both heroic and integral to the story.

– Image from Star


The action! We all expect big action and amazing special effects from Star Wars movies and The Last Jedi is no exception. The opening and closing scenes were huge spectacles, but my favorite action set piece was Rey’s confrontation with Kylo Ren and Snoke, which involved the Praetorian Guards!

– Image from Star


The humor! I understand humor is subject to personal tastes and some have described The Last Jedi as having “Marvel style” humor, but I do enjoy well placed comic relief in a movie, especially when things seem to feel like they’re going too grim in the storyline. Having a good laugh in the theater to break things up shouldn’t be a bad thing. As with any movie that tries to make you chuckle in between the serious beats, sometimes it works and other times you’re left rolling your eyes. I particularly enjoyed how General Hux has become Poe’s target of ridicule!

– Image from Star


Porgs! The perfect combination of cute and annoying, Porgs pop in and out of the movie, providing cute comic relief and adorable moments. The use of Porgs in The Last Jedi reminds me of the mice in Voltron that would kind of show up here and there and do silly and cute and things to keep things from getting too bleak.

– Image from Star


Shock Factor! The Empire Strikes Back is well-known for a revelation that shocked many: the reveal that Darth Vader was really Luke Skywalker’s father. In contrast, The Last Jedi is full of many controversial twists, turns and surprises. Who is Snoke? Who cares, he’s dead now! Who are Rey’s parents? Nobody, ha ha! Who’s telling the truth about what happened during Jedi training? Luke or Kylo? We may never know! While I understand some of the developments aren’t sitting well with some fans, I actually enjoyed the unexpected turns of events and am looking forward to seeing how things develop in the next chapter.

– Image from Star


The Force! I enjoyed the idea that the Force was more than backflips and floating rocks. I had been hoping to see Leia finally use the Force and she did. We got to see that Force ghosts can interact with the world around them when Yoda zapped the Jedi temple. We got to see Rey and Kylo Ren have “Force Snapchats” through a type of Force bond supposedly done by Snoke. We saw an amazing display of Force projection by Luke in the final Act. The reveal of the Force sensitive boy at the end also implies we may be seeing more young Force users pop up in the future.

– Image from Star

There’s eight things I love about the new Star Wars! I hope to see the movie for a second time this weekend, I wonder if I’ll pick up on anything differently upon repeat viewings. If you’re thinking about watching Star Wars The Last Jedi again, just use the button below to reserve tickets with Fandango:

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