Walmart Exclusive Spider-Man Homecoming Funko Gift Box!

Let’s take a look at the Walmart Exclusive Spider-Man Homecoming Funko Gift Box!

Spider-man: Homecoming (Limited Edition Gift Box) (Walmart Exclusive) (Blu-ray + Digital)

This Limited-Edition Walmart Exclusive Spider-Man Homecoming Funko Gift Box is full of really cool Spider-Man merchandise, including an exclusive Spider-Man Funko Pop! that is only available in this box!

Spider-man: Homecoming (Limited Edition Gift Box) (Walmart Exclusive) (Blu-ray + Digital)Let’s Un-Box!

This very nice looking gift box, featuring design elements from Spider-Man Homecoming, is the ideal gift for any Spider-Man fan. I especially like the back of the box which has an extreme close up of Spider-Man’s eyes. Through the reflections in Spider-Man’s eyes, you can see Avengers tower and The Vulture!

Let’s take a look at the items inside this Walmart Exclusive Gift Box!

First off, we have some Spider-Man apparel that will have you climbing the walls. Two Pairs of Marvel Spider-Man Athletic Socks and a Spider-Man collectible pin.

Homecoming Home Video:

Inside the gift box you’ll also get the Spider-Man Homecoming Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD set, so you will have a hard copy and digital copy of the Marvel Studios and Sony movie to watch whenever you like. (If you’re like me, you’ll be watching it a lot!)

Spider-Man Through the Years Marvel custom edition Comic Book:

Amazing Fantasy!

The Limited Edition Comic Book inside the Walmart Gift Box showcases classic Marvel Comics Spider-Man Comic Book covers from throughout the years!


Now for my favorite item from inside this Walmart Exclusive Spider-Man Homecoming Funko Gift Box: The Exclusive Funko Pop! This Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming Funko Pop! vinyl Bobble-Head figure comes in a window display box numbered 259.

Living better through chemistry

The exclusive Spider-Man Funko Pop! has Spidey hanging upside down from a web while reading a Chemistry text book. The Pop! figure uses a really sturdy base that holds Spider-Man in the upside down position.

This is definitely one of the most clever designs for a Spider-Man Funko Pop! that I have ever seen. The figure captures the essence of Spider-Man nonchalantly using his super powers while trying to study.

Collectible Lookout!

The Walmart Exclusive Spider-Man Homecoming Funko Gift Box is of course, an exclusive to Walmart, so you can’t get it anywhere else. Don’t worry, because we can help you order yours! Just use the red button below to order!

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