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Hela Thor Ragnarok Funko Pop! Un-Boxing Picture Review!

“Darling, you have no idea what’s possible…”

One of my favorite characters from Marvel Studios Thor Ragnarok is the villain, Hela. Cate Blanchett did an amazing job acting as the character and despite some minor (and understandable) deviations from the source material, the movie managed to make Hela a very compelling super villain with clear motives. I have recently acquired the Hela Funko Pop! during my continued quest to collect the entire line of Thor Ragnarok Funko Pop! figures.

Thor Ragnarok Hela Masked Pop! Vinyl Figure #243

“It’s come to my attention that you don’t know who I am. I am Hela…”

The Marvel Thor Ragnarok Hela Funko Pop! comes in a window display box numbered 243. The following four pictures showcase the Front, Left, Right and Back of the beautifully decorated Pop! box.

“Skurge, do you know the purpose of an executioner?”

The Hela Thor Ragnarok Funko Pop! is a vinyl Bobble-Head figure and it comes with a small clear plastic stand for displaying outside of the box. She looks gloriously devilish, from her antlers and green eyes, down to her fierce pose.

“Oh, I’ve missed this!”

The metallic paint and details on Hela’s costume are done very well. The mold for the head with antlers is remarkable and the cape is molded very nicely.

Now that I have Hela, I only have to collect a few more Thor Ragnarok Funko Pop!s to complete my collection! If you’re looking to add this Pop! to your collection, use the button below to order:

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