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Beast Man Masters of the Universe Fall Convention Exclusive Flocked Funko Pop!

Beast Man is a villainous character from the Masters of the Universe toy, comic and cartoon franchise from Mattel. The character first appeared in the Masters of the Universe mini comic series and then in the Filmation Masters of the Universe animated series episode “Diamond Ray of Disappearance” in 1983 where he was voiced by John Erwin.

When Mattel began developing Masters of the Universe, an early version of Beast Man was meant to be the main villain, but he later became one of Skeletor’s henchmen.

“Gah, but you don’t impress me. Some day, I’ll show you what power really is.“

The Masters of the Universe Beast Man Funko Pop! is Flocked and is a Fall Convention Exclusive! The Funko Pop! Television window display box is numbered 539 and has the Funko 2017 Fall Convention Exclusive sticker as wll as the “Flocked” sticker.

“Next stop: Snake Mountain!“

The Masters of the Universe Flocked Beast Man Fall Convention Exclusive Funko Pop! is a great looking figure. This figure is not a Bobble Head, so you can pose his head slightly to the left or right. Beast Man is seen here with his whip held in his left hand.

“I am not the King of Beasts for nothing.“

Who knew a beastly bad guy like Beast Man could be so cuddly and adorable? The mold, color scheme and flocked material all make this Beast Man Funko Pop! a must have for your collection. If you’re an in-box collector, you’re going to have an internal struggle on whether or not you want to keep him in box. Unfortunately (or fortunately) our Beast Man window display box came slightly damaged, so we have been keeping him out of the box.

The Beast Man Masters of the Universe Fall Convention Exclusive Flocked Funko Pop! is available in limited quantities at Toys R Us:

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