Is It Too Early To Get Into The Halloween Spirit?

Halloween is only 94 days away, but who’s counting? With the help of Spirit Halloween, let’s take a look at some Costumes and Cosplay ideas to hold us over until our favorite holiday arrives:

Rick and Morty!

The cult favorite Adult Swim animated series is going into a third season, so why not grab a friend and dress up as the drunken genius inventor Rick and his perpetual existential crisis having grandson, Morty?


For me, The Ghostbusters are synonymous with Halloween!

Complete the look with these official replica Proton Packs, but make sure not to cross the streams, because that would be… bad.

Grab your proton packs and bust some ghosts!

Spider-Man Homecoming!

SpiderMan Homecoming is a big Box-Office hit and also the first Marvel Cinematic Universe solo movie for ol’ Web-Head! Kids of all ages are going to want to dress up as Marvel’s iconic Superhero!


These are just a few of the Costumes available at Spirit Halloween right now! As we get closer to the holiday, there will be even more exciting Costumes and accessories to check out.

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Special Announcement:

If you have been visiting Planet Nestor for a while, I’m sure you know that last October we celebrated Halloween all month long! Well, here is the official announcement that we will be taking another STAB at 31 Days of Halloween! We hope to do it even bigger with more Posts, Deals and general wickedness all month long this October! Stay tuned for more!

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