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Collectible Lookout: A New Line From Funko, Vynl.

Entertainment Earth

Collectible Lookout: A New Line From Funko, Vynl.

Funko’s new line, Vynl. will focus on character relationships!

There’s no “i” in Vynl. because there’s always two of them!

Each set will focus on character relationships and feature a new design aesthetic different from other Funko products.


Freddy Krueger + Jason Vorhees Vynl.


Sally + Jack Skellington Vynl.

Masters of the Universe

He-Man + Trapjaw Vynl.

D.C. Comics

This D.C. Comics Batgirl & Poison Ivy Funko Vynl. set is a San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exclusive!

SDCC Exclusive D.C. Comics Batgirl + Poison Ivy Vynl.

The top three sets are available for Pre-Order at Entertainment Earth and the SDCC Exclusive set will be available at San Diego Comic Con!

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