Spider-Man Homecoming Reaction/Review! *Spoiler Free!*

Spider-Man Homecoming Reaction/Review! *Spoiler Free!*

Bypass the Training Wheels Protocol and dive into my spoiler free Planetary Thoughts review for Marvel Studios Spider-Man Homecoming.

“Can you summon an army of spiders?”

Spider-Man Homecoming is a movie that is focused on what is truly special about Spider-Man. This movie does an excellent job of balancing the two sides of Peter Parker‘s life. Actor Tom Holland absolutely delivers when it comes to making Peter vulnerable, yet not a push over and charming without being cocky. We get to know Peter as he navigates between his involvement with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) regarding Avengers super heroics and also his attempts to maintainin meaningful relationships with his best friend Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon)his crush Liz (Laura Harrier), his bully Flash (Tony Revolori), the enigmatic Michelle (Zendaya) and his classmates at Midtown School of Science and Technology. The core of his home life is his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) who genuinely cares for him and he reciprocates by not wanting to add to her sorrows.

“This is my chance to prove myself.”

Peter is trying to juggle School, Love, Home life and being a superhero… the only catch is he wants to be Spider-Man more than anything else. This proves to be an interesting situation as he begins to overstep his bounds and upset his mentor, friends and family, as well as making an enemy out of a very dangerous man. Speaking of this dangerous man, the casting of Michael Keaton as The Vulture pays off ten fold with Spider-Man Homecoming delivering one of the best villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This movie also feels like a love letter to the fans, with the usual Marvel easter eggs, but also heartfelt moments that make you remember why you love these characters. This movie made me happy to be invested emotionally in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because once in a while there will be moments that speak to you on a much deeper level.

“Stay close to the ground.”

The movie also does a great job of making Peter Parker‘s world seem very real, as compared to more stylized previous incarnations, this heightened realism really helps with suspension of disbelief when things go towards the more fantastical. Another aspect of the film that I found extremely relatable was the beautiful, diverse cast. It was wonderful to see cast members of various backgrounds be represented and portrayed tastefully. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie without teases of what’s to come in the future and I’m pleased with the path that Marvel and Sony are laying out for Spider-Man in his solo saga as well as his next appearances in the greater MCU.

I give this movie Five Web-Blasts out of Five for exceeding my expectations in every way. Welcome home, Spidey.


Spider-Man Homecoming is a Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios production produced by Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige and Directed by Jon Watts.

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