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Spider-Man Homecoming Comes Out Tonight!

Spider-Man Homecoming Comes Out Tonight!

Spider-Man Homecoming arrives in theaters tonight, with the earliest showings starting at 7:00pm!

Mondo Spidey!

This Spider-Man Homecoming Mondo Mini-Poster will be available at CineMark theaters this weekend!

The highly anticipated joint production between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios is getting great reviews and buzzing on social media! If you follow our Blog, I’m sure you know I’m a big Spidey fan and have been since my childhood. I wasn’t thrilled by the last three Spider-Man movies, but Spider-Man’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War gave me the feeling that this new cinematic version of Spidey was going to be something special. It is a great feeling to be excited for a Spider-Man movie once again and I’m hoping I enjoy it as much as I think I will. I plan on sharing my thoughts on the movie one I see it this weekend in another installment of Planetary Thoughts!

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