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The Vulture Spider-Man Homecoming Funko Pop!

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The Vulture Spider-Man Homecoming Funko Pop! vinyl Figure!

Spider-Man Homecoming is only a couple weeks away and as we get closer to the release, I’m trying to collect the entire run of Spider-Man Homecoming Funko Pop! vinyl figures. So far I have the Spider-Man (220), the Home Made Suit Spider-Man (222) and the Hot Topic Exclusive Unmasked Spider-Man (221). No collection is complete without the villain of the story, so I just recently got my hands on The Vulture Pop!

“The rich, the powerful, like Stark, they don’t care about us! The world’s changed boys, time we change too!”

Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture first appeared in Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider-Man Issue #2 and was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Adrian Toomes is a genius electrical engineer who uses a body harness that grants him strength and the ability of flight to become The Vulture! The Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming The Vulture Funko Pop! comes in a window display box and is numbered 227!

“You need to understand, I will do anything to protect my family. I know you know what I’m talking about.”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the The Vulture features a grounded, yet spectacular look and the Funko Pop! Figure certainly captures that aesthetic. He has a tactical helmet with goggles and sharp wing tips and talons!

“Don’t mess with me. Because I will kill you and anyone you care about.”

Actor Michael Keaton is portraying Adrian Toomes in Spider-Man Homecoming. Keaton is a Hollywood veteran who has turned in both comedic and serious roles in several movies. It looks like Michael Keaton’s villainous turn could possibly be one of the best performances in the MCU.

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