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Marvel/Netflix The Defenders Trailer Is Here!

The Defenders Trailer Is Here!

Marvel and Netflix present the crossover event, The Defenders! This is the culmination of the Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist Marvel/Netflix series. The first Trailer Is Here and it is pretty exciting!

The dynamic between these “street level” heroes is exactly what you would expect: they don’t always get along, they fight and they trade snappy insults. I got the chills when they revealed Sigourney Weaver as the heavy of the series, enjoyed Stick‘s snarky voice over narration and was thrilled to see glimpses of Elektra! I’m definitely looking forward to this series and it already looks like a step back up from the somewhat disappointing Iron Fist series. Marvel and Netflix’s The Defenders entire season will premiere on August 18.

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