We Actually Made it to Star Wars Celebration Day Three!

We Actually Made it to Star Wars Celebration Day Three!

We almost weren’t going to be able to go to Star Wars Celebration 2017 at all, but after some hustling, I was able to score a couple of Saturday passes!

The adventure paid off, because I was able to take my kids to the convention and they had a good time!

Star Wars sights:

Since we would only be there for one day, we wanted to try to see as much as we could.

My kids love Star Wars and I do too!
Marching Mandos!
BB-8 Car!
My kids loved the BB-8 car!
Boba Fett van!
Boba Fett van!
Darth Vader Hot Wheels Character Car!
Is this thing street legal?
Star Wars Science: Where Science meets imagination!
My kids enjoyed checking out the toys at the Star Wars Science booth.
We stopped by the Sphero booth!
Sphero, makers of the Sphero BB-8!

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Dave School
Rogue One Blu-Ray Promo backdrop!
Tie Fighter in front of the Star Wars Show stage!
The Star Wars Show Live!
I always watch the Star Wars Show on YouTube, so it was awesome seeing it Live!
You can’t really make it out in this shot, but Actor Ben Mendelsohn’s (Director Krennic) autograph is on one of the wings of this Tie Fighter!
Roxy the Rancor and Jabba the Hutt are seen at Jabba’s Palace!
Jabba’s Palace! Where everybody knows your name!
The Star Wars Show Live!
Toys R Us!
Pop Minded at the Hallmark booth!
Star Wars camping gear!
Your eyes don’t deceive you, that is a Star Wars barbecue grill!
Promo to visit Ireland, where that now iconic scene in The Force Awakens was shot, you know, where Luke says: “…”
AT-AT walker
Disney was there with merchandise and Jedi training for the young Padawans!
ANA Star Wars Project C-3PO jet!
ANA Star Wars project BB-8 jet!
ANA Star Wars project R2-D2 jet!
R2 Builders remote control R2 racing!
Awesome Wookie!
It was great being surrounded by Star Wars!

The Saga will continue:

These were just some of the sights we saw at Star Wars Celebration Day Three on Saturday, stay tuned for a closer look at some of the incredible vendors in our upcoming Posts!

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