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Stop Tampering with Continuum Probabilities and Check Out the Karl Mordo Funko Pop!

Entertainment Earth

Karl Mordo Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure!

Let’s take a closer look at the Karl Mordo from Marvel’s Doctor Strange Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure!

A while back I did a Post about Karl Mordo from Doctor Strange, which you can see here, but I finally got a hold of the Funko Pop! Figure, so let’s Un-Box it and take a closer look:

“Power has a purpose.”

The Karl Mordo Funko Pop! comes in a window display box and is numbered 170.

“Because I see, at long last, what’s wrong with the world. Too many sorcerers.”

Baron Karl Mordo is posed holding the Staff of the Living Tribunal and wearing movie-accurate wardrobe. Details such as the scars on his face and the Vaulting Boots of Valtorr are also nicely done.

There may be too many sorcerers, but there can never be too many Posts about one of my favorite characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Click here to learn more about Karl Mordo from Doctor Strange!


Order Doctor Strange Movie Mordo Pop! Vinyl Figure from Entertainment Earth!

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