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LootCrate Theme: Investigate! Plus Jessica Jones Item Reveal!

This month LootCrate’s theme is Investigate!

This month LootCrate salutes Mystery Solvers!

Items from the following franchises will be featured:

Batman – Jessica Jones – Stranger Things – The X-Files

If you aren’t up for a surprise and want to get a sneak preview of the Jessica Jones item, keep scrolling down! If you don’t want to get spoiled, Click here to escape to safety!

Ok, last chance… Here’s the Marvel Jessica Jones LootCrate item reveal:

Marvel Netflix Jessica Jones Q-Fig from Quantum Mechanix available in the April Investigate LootCrate!

If this figure is something that you absolutely must have, then all you have to do is sign up for LootCrate and they will ship it to you in a cool box with other mystery items that feature Batman, Stranger Things and The X-Files! Order by 4/19 at 9pm PT.

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