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Marvel X-Men Funko Mystery Minis!

Entertainment EarthMarvel X-Men Funko Mystery Minis!

Funko Marvel X-Men Mystery Minis Bobble-Head Blind Box Figure
Hot Topic Exclusive X-Men Mystery Minis

The Uncanny:

Marvel X-Men Funko Mystery Minis!¬†We’re still missing a few to complete the set, but here are who we have so far:

Charles Xavier: Professor X
Logan: Wolverine
Hank McCoy: Beast
Nathan Summers: Cable
Scott Summers: Cyclops
Emma Frost
Kitty Pryde: Shadowcat & Lockheed (GameStop Exclusive)

I hope to track down the ones we’re missing, but since these are Blind Bag/Blind Boxes, sometimes you end up with doubles, or even triples! But that’s ok, since these are pretty awesome.

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