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Hawkeye Marvel Legends Series Figure!

Entertainment Earth

Hawkeye Marvel Legends Series Figure!

“Buckled in?”

Great, let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite arrow-guy Avenger, Hawkeye!

“We haven’t met yet, I’m Clint.”

Let’s Un-Box this Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Hawkeye Figure! You can see he comes with a bow and quiver, so you can pose him in some great action poses.

“Just can’t seem to miss.”

The Hawkeye Marvel Legends Series Figure has a comic book accurate look that features his cowl and purple suit.

“But if you step out that door, you are an Avenger.”

The Hasbro Hawkeye Marvel Legends Series Figure stands at about 6 inches and has many points of articulation.

“‘Whosoever, be he worthy, shall have the power’, whatever man! It’s a trick!”

The Marvel Legends Hawkeye Figure comes with a Build-A-Figure piece for The Allfather:

“Captain, it would be my genuine pleasure.”

The Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Hawkeye Figure is a great figure to add to your collection!

Collectible Lookout:

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