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Venom Marvel Legends Figure!

Venom Marvel Legends 6″ Figure!

It was recently announced that Sony Pictures is moving forward with a Venom movie, so why not take a look at the Marvel Legends Series Venom 6″ Figure?


Venom is a Marvel Comics character that evolved from the Spider-Man black symbiote suit concept introduced in Secret Wars. After Peter Parker broke the bond he had with the alien symbiote, it bonded with Eddie Brock, a fellow reporter with a chip on his shoulder. Eddie hated both Peter Parker and Spider-Man equally, and once he connected to the symbiote, he became Venom!

“Hi. I’m Eddie Brock. Can Peter come out and play?”

The Venom Marvel Legends 6″ Figure is ready to terrorize Spider-Man!


The Venom Marvel Legends Figure comes with two alternate hands and two heads as well as two Build-A-Figure heads for the Absorbing Man.

“I only hate… spiders!”

The Venom Figure has one head with his eerie smile and another with the slimy long tongue.

This Venom Marvel Legends 6″ Figure is hard to find in stores, but we have a Link from Amazon where you can get the Figure below:

Click here to order Marvel Legends Series: Venom Figure!