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Marvel Legends Darkhawk!

Marvel Legends Darkhawk!

Queens teenager Christopher Powell becomes Darkhawk when using a mysterious amulet he found in an abandoned amusement park. Created by Tom DeFalco and Mike Manley, Darkhawk first appeared in Marvel Comics Darkhawk #1, back in 1991.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 6-inch Legends Series DarkhawkMasters of Mind

This Marvel Legends Series Darkhawk 6″ Figure is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 wave.


Here is the Marvel Legends Series Darkhawk 6″ Figure out of the box.

Darkhawk‘s wings are permanently attached and his claw is as well. The metallic paint job is a particular stand out feature.


The Marvel Legends Darkhawk Figure comes with a Build-A-Figure piece of Marvel’s Titus.

Dawn of the Darkhawk!

You can really get some fun poses out of this Marvel Legends Darkhawk figure.

If you are looking to add this Darkhawk Marvel Legends Series Figure to your collection, use the Link below:

Click here to order the Marvel Legends Series Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Darkhawk 6″ Figure!