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“No Good Deed” Deadpool 2 Teaser and Funko Pop! Chimichanga Truck!

Entertainment Earth

 Deadpool 2 Teaser

& a look at the Deadpool Funko Pop! Chimichanga Truck

A new teaser has popped up for the upcoming Deadpool movie sequel:

No Good Deed

Wade Wilson  took just a little too long to “Suit up” as Deadpool. I’m relieved to see that despite the director shakeup, the Deadpool sequel should be keeping a lot of the charm and dark humor that the first movie had! Deadpool  2 is coming… not soon enough.


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Deadpool Funko Pop! Chimichanga Truck

Take a look at this glorious collectible from Funko featuring the Regenerating Degenerate, Deadpool and his trusty Chimichanga Truck:

“Did someone say Chimichangas?”

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