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Doctor Strange Series Iron Fist Marvel Legends Figure!

Entertainment Earth

Iron Fist

Take a closer look at the Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Iron Fist 6 Inch Figure from the Doctor Strange wave.

This version of Iron Fist features his Yellow and Green suit as well as interchangeable hands that showcase the Iron Fist power.

Marvel 6 Inch Legends Marvel?s Iron Fist

Check out the packaging and box art:

Iron Fist Marvel Legends out of the box:

The Iron Fist Marvel Legends Figure comes with a Dormammu Build-A-Figure piece, two alternate bandaged fists, and two fireball fists.

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Here is a side by side of the two Marvel Legends Iron Fist Figures.

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Iron Fist comes to Netflix this March, so this is a good time to stock up on Iron Fist collectibles!