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Thorsday! Mighty Thor Collectibles From Hasbro!

With Thor: Ragnarok set to explode on screen this November, Thor merchandise is starting to pop up! Thorsday seems like an appropriate time to reveal these new mighty Thor collectibles!

Marvel Legends Twelve Inch Tall Thor Figure!

This Thor figure stands 12″ tall and comes with an alternate head and Mjolnir.

The mighty Asgardian’s third solo movie quite possibly could be the best:

There is a great new director on board, Taika Waititi, who will bring a new aesthetic to the franchise.

Powerful MCU guest stars The Incredible HulkDoctor Strange are set to appear.

The huge spectacle that comes with the Ragnarok storyline mixed with Planet Hulk elements…

and of course, Loki!

Marvel Legends Series Prop Replica Mjolnir Hammer!

Thor‘s Mighty Hammer, Mjolnir can be yours! This 1:1 Scale prop replica is highly detailed and has voice activated features.

The Jane Foster version of Thor gets the Marvel Legends treatment:

Get caught up with the Thor movies before Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters this fall:

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