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Coming Soon: Spider-Man Homecoming Figures From Hasbro!

Coming Soon:

Spider-Man Homecoming Figures From Hasbro!

Spider-Man: Homecoming is just months away, so you’re going to start seeing new merchandise featuring the Sony/Marvel Studios MCU Spider-Man! Here are some upcoming Spidey figures and toys presented by Hasbro.

THWIP! Spider-Man 6″ Feature Action Figure

These six inch figures include the “Onesie-Suit” Spider-Man, Spider-Man with a weapon and The Vulture!

The Vulture 6″ Feature Figure:

The Vulture will be portrayed by veteran Actor Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It will be exciting to see his interpretation of Adrian Toomes. I love the home made look of his suit and the bomber jacket is a nice touch.

There are also some epic Spider-Man: Homecoming play sets on the way:

These Figures and Play sets are set to release in May and the movie comes out July 7. We will keep you up to date with more news about the movie and toys, so stay tuned!

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