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Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Astral Form 6″ Figure!

6″ Doctor Strange (Astral Form) Marvel Legends Series Figure

Based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe likeness of Doctor Strange, this figure shows Doctor Strange is his Astral Form! In the movie, Doctor Steven Strange learns about the mystic arts and one of the skills he picks up is the ability to transfer himself into an Astral Form. In this form, he’s out of his physical body and can float around, allowing him to be the ultimate multi-tasker.

This figure is part of the Dormammu Build-A-Figure series and comes with the Dormammu Head piece. The only other accessory included is the Eye Of Agamotto necklace.
Marvel 6 Inch Legends Astral Dr. Strange

Let’s take a look at the Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Doctor Strange 6″ Figure outside the box:

This Doctor Strange action figure is great if you are a fan of the movie, or just looking to build your army of 6″ plastic superheroes.