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Deadpool Pin Mate Collectible Wooden Figure!

Entertainment Earth

Deadpool Pin Mate Collectible Wooden Figure!

These Deadpool Pin Mate Collectible Wooden Figures from Bif Bang Pow! are pretty cool. There are three variations of Mr. Pool to chose from:

We got our grubby hands on a Deadpool Pin Mate and took it out of the box just so you could look at it! Also so we could play with it.

The Deadpool Unmasked Pin Mate from Bif Bang Pow! is a small wooden figure which stands at 2-inches and has a retro-style design.

Each Pin Mate is uniquely numbered: The Deadpool Pin Mate is number 17, the Unmasked Deadpool Pin Mate is number 16 and the Deadpool X-Force costume Pin Mate is number 18.