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Funko Subscription Box Teaser Roundup!

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Funko Subscription Box Teaser Roundup!

Funko has released some video teasers for their subscription boxes and they are a lot of fun, especially if you are a Marvel or D.C. fanatic! Hey, why not both?

Marvel Collector Corps

The next Marvel Collector Corps box is Superhero Showdowns:

Make sure to Follow the offical Marvel Collector Corps twitter because they are always doing fun stuff like contests and giveaways!

D.C. Legion of Collectors


The next D.C. Legion of Collectors box is Superman!

It’s also a good idea to follow the official Legion of Collectors twitter account! Because, you guessed it: they are always doing giveaways and contests!

Each¬†Funko Subscription Box service releases a box every other month. Each month has a different theme and exclusive Funko items in the box. You always get a Funko Patch and collector’s Pin, and you will usually get a variety of different Funko products in every box.

Do these cute little teasers get you interested in subscribing to Funko’s boxes? Sound off here: TOY SHOP TALK

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