Day Three Of The Christmas Countdown!

Skeletor Masters of the Universe Statue

Day Three Of The Christmas Countdown!

Today’s feature might not be the most popular choice, but it certainly is the best:

He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special

He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special
The most glorious of all Christmas Specials, He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special!

For those who haven’t been enlightened by the ultimate Christmas special, let me break it down for you:

“By the Power of Grayskull…”

On Eternia, Man-At-Arms is developing a space vehicle designed to spy on the villainous SkeletorOrko, the Trollan Magician, later goes on a joy ride in said space vehicle and somehow ends up crashing on Earth, yes OUR Earth!

The most glorious mustache in all of Eternia, Man-At-Arms!

Orko meets two kids: The stylish Miguel and Alisha. The kids tell him about Christmas and Orko tells them about Eternia.


Man-At-Arms transports Orko and the kids to Eternia with a tractor beam. The villainous Hordak captures the kids and Orko, only to then have Skeletor kidnap them shortly after.

She-Ra’s nemesis, Hordak!

While Skeletor in bringing the captured kids to Horde Prime, things get a little Grinch-y when Skeletor starts getting the Christmas feels.

“I am *not* nice!”

He-Man and She-Ra battle the enemies, rescue the Earth kids, and get them back home, all while learning about the wonder of Christmas.

For the honor of Love, She-Ra!

This brilliant Christmas special from 1985 is perfect to get any He-Man fan in the Holiday mood!

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