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*Tom Cruise Scream!* The New Mummy Trailer is Here!

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Universal Pictures Presents:

The New Mummy Trailer:

Universal is set to reboot their Classic Monsters into modern day action flicks set within a shared Cinematic Universe with this new approach to The Mummy which some people are calling “Mission Impossible meets The Mummy”!

The movie set to release next year stars Tom Cruise and also features Russel Crowe as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde as well as Sophia Boutella as the title character. I personally am excited to see what she brings to the role, as she was a standout in both The Kingsman as well as Star Trek Beyond. In fact, I am hoping for a spinoff of her character Jaylah from that movie, but I digress! Here is a Featurette to give you a better idea of what they are cooking up for this new Mummy movie:

I’m hoping for the best as I am a fan of Classic Horror, but I also am interested to see a new approach to the lore. Hopefully the Mummy, now played by a woman, will be more than just eye candy and we will truly get some chilling and exciting character development with her. The Mummy is set to release on June 2017.

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