Walmart Exclusive Doctor Strange Funko Pop!

Walmart Exclusive Doctor Strange Funko Pop!

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on this Walmart Exclusive Marvel Studios Doctor Strange Funko Pop! Available only at Walmart… or if you’re a savvy Pop! Hunter, you can catch one on Amazon! Speaking of which, we have provided Links through the pics here to help you track down this elusive Pop!

DSFPThe Pop! Bobble head Figure depicts Doctor Strange in his movie look,  without the Cloak of Levitation.

Cool box design here for this Walmart Exclusive Doctor Strange Funko Pop! Other characters in this series include Karl Mordo, The Ancient One, Kaecilius and two Astral Form Doctor Strange Pop! Figures. TWO Astral form Pop! and no Wong? I’m outraged. Wong was my favorite supporting character and he has been confirmed to appear in Avengers Infinity War, I need a Wong Pop! in my life.


Sadly, two negative things must be brought up about this particular Walmart Exclusive Doctor Strange Funko Pop! – The Pop! has a hard time standing, because the legs seem a little warped and there is a paint defect on his Left pinky finger. These are minor gripes and I should be able to deal with them, but I guess sometimes you have to settle when you’re dealing with a rare item.

Other than the minor blemishes, this Pop! is actually pretty glorious. There is a lot of detail on his costume and the Eye of Agamotto.
I’m glad I was able to add this Walmart Exclusive Doctor Strange Funko Pop! to our collection! So, since they made this Pop! of Steven Strange without the Cloak, wouldn’t it be cool if they made an Exclusive Pop! of just the Cloak of Levitation?

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