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Mutant Madness! New X-Men Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures!

Entertainment Earth Mutant Madness!

New X-Men Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures are on the way!


Comic Book readers were first introduced to superpowered Mutants within the pages of the first issue of X-Men published by Marvel Comics in 1963. In the years that would follow, several new Heroic and Villainous Mutants would be introduced into the X-Men lore.

This lineup of Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures features some classic fan favorite characters from the X-Men universe! These great looking X-Men Funko Pop! Vinyls will be available in January 2017, but you can Pre-Order them now from Entertainment Earth! My two favorites are Storm and Quicksilver! I’m not sure which one I want first!