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LootCrate November Magical Theme Spoiler Teaser Item Revealed:

This November, the LootCrate theme is:


Heads up for a Teaser Spoiler Item! Do not scroll down any further unluess you want to get spoiled! I must say, if you’re a Marvel fan, you might not mind seeing this LootCrate tease!


The item being teased to persuade you to subscribe to this month’s Crate is a Doctor Strange Figure:


This figure looks like it may be a QFig figure from Quantum Mechanics, if I’m not mistaken. LootCrate has featured these QFig figures before with DeadpoolHulk, Batman and Wonder Woman figures in previous Crates. This Doctor Strange figure will go nicely with those.

Other items in the LootCrate Magical Crate will be themed from Game of Thrones, Big Trouble in Little China and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Click the Pics to subscribe to LootCrate if you’re interested in this Magical item as well as other exclusive items from LootCrate on a monthly basis!