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Happy Halloween from Planet Nestor!

Happy Halloween from Planet Nestor!

Little Nesbot106

Then: This is Little Nesbot106 around 1981 wearing a Kooky Spooks Halloween costume while Trick or Treating back in Queens, New York!


Now: Nesbot106 as “Chico Krueger”

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to stop by and read our Posts as we celebrated 31 Days of Halloween!


The day of Halloween is always bittersweet to me. Halloween is such a fun Holiday for me, ¬†so I have a hard time letting go. Even with 31 Days of celebrating, I’m left wanting more! Now that I have kids, the holiday is even better! I love seeing them be creative and use their imagination!


Izabella as Thor!


Izmael as Peter Parker!


My Wife Claudia as Frida Kahlo!

I hope you all enjoyed the content this month and can’t wait for next year’s Halloween celebration to be bigger and better!



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