Raising Hell With Pinhead!

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Grab your Puzzle Box, because it’s time to get to know

Pinhead from Hellraiser!

Hellraiser was the 1987 Horror movie that introduced audiences to Pinhead.

Pinhead Premium Format Figure
Pinhead Hellraiser Premium Format Figure

Clive Barker wrote and Directed the movie that would later go on to be a cult classic.

Hellraiser Premium Format Figure
Lament Configuration! Pinhead Hellraiser Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles!
Pinhead Hellraiser Premium Format Figure
Pinhead Hellraiser Premium Format Figure with Puzzle Box!

Hellraiser was  Clive Barker’s directorial debut and his screenplay adapted from his own story, The Hellbound Heart.


Pinhead 1:6 Scale Hellraiser 3 Figure
Pinhead 1:6 Scale Figure
Pinhead 1:6 Scale Figure

Pinhead from Hellraiser is a Cenobite, an extra-dimensional being who takes the form of a mutilated body. Clive Barker reportedly did not like the name Pinhead and insisted on the name Hell Priest, but the nickname Pinhead has appropriately stuck.


There have been 9 movies in the Hellraiser film franchise, with one more in production. Actor Doug Bradley has portrayed Pinhead in 8 of the previous movies and has even been credited as a Make-Up assistant, due to his expertise in applying and removing his own prosthetic appliances.

Well, time to put a “Pin” in this conversation! See you on the other side!

Pinhead Hellraiser Premium Format(TM) Figure

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