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Marvel Collector Corps X-Men Box Is On The Way!


Marvel Collector Corps

X-Men Box Is On The Way!

The December Marvel Collector Corps box will be X-Men themed!


I can’t wait to tear into this box bezerker Wolverine style!

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We always have fun Un-Boxing the Marvel Collector Corps boxes and I usually enjoy the items. X-Men is such a big, diverse franchise that I wonder what content they will pull from. So far, the teaser imagery features Wolverine and Cyclops. Will they feature any of the powerful women of the X-Men universe like Storm or Jean Grey? Will it lean towards the Movies or Comics? First Class or newer incarnations? Popular or obscure characters? Maybe a villain or two?  Maybe even a disco Dazzler Pop! Vinyl? Only time will tell!

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For now, let’s watch the Logan trailer:


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